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What Is IPTV

Internet Protocol television is a service of television video content or other content over Internet Protocol networks. This is in contrast to delivery through traditional satellite, and cable television setup. IPTV offers the ability to stream source media continuously Without any disturbance. This is known as streaming media.

IPTV uses the IP network. IPTV is not limited to television streamed. The Internet Protocol is a subscriber-based telecommunications network with high-speed this procedure, channels are sent into end-user via set-top boxes. This is used for delivery channels and private networks. IPTV in the telecommunications is recognized for its ongoing standardization.

IPTV services can be delivered into three  famous groups

  • Live television programs and live media with related interactivity.
  • Time-shifted media replays a TV show that was broadcast hours or one and two days ago), start-over TV (replays the current TV show from its beginning).
  • Video-on-demand view items in a stored media catalog.

There are various  IPTV players which can be used to stream IPTV links for viewers. Through these iptv players, viewers can easily watch their favorite tv shows on their computers and phone. Today I am going to tell you the best iptv player for watching tv shows and your favorite tv channels like sports news entertainment and health or fitness.

  • VLC media player:
  • Kodi
  • Smart IPTV Player
  • LAZY IPTV player
  • My IpTV
  • IPTV Smarters Pro
  • GSE SMART IPTV player
  • Free TV Player
  • Iptv player
  • Perfect player

Download Free IPTV M3U Playlist 2019

VLC Media Player:

VLCmedia player is a famous free and easy to use media player among viewers. This media player is also commonly known as just VLC. Visible light communication is available for desktop and mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, iPad, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Phone. It is able to stream over computer networks. The VLC media player supports many audio and video methods and file-formats including DVD and CD formats. Media Player allows you to stream IPTV contents easily. It is one of the best software which manages all your local media files properly.VLC is a media player and it doesn’t host any content. To Stream TV channels on VLC, you need to purchase a subscription package from the IPTV provider. We suggest you purchase the package from the Iconic Streams. The provider who streams various kinds of live TV channels all over the world.

vlc media player


Kodi is one of the greatest IPTV media players for streaming channels list. This software was created in 2002. Kodi is available for many operating systems. Kodi will make your android streaming device a full entertainment box. This is the best player when it comes to streaming free TV shows, movies and many more. The player works better with its numerous add-ons and builds which you have to install before you start enjoying your favorite streaming. It allows users to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music from the Internet. Here are the basic steps to be followed for running Kodi player.

  • Open Kodi application fastly.
  • Click on TV
  • Then Enter the URL
  • Click Play to stream the video smoothly.

Kodi with addons is considered as legal. If you are using third-party addons then you can use Kodi for watching copyrighted content also.

kodi iptv media player

Smart IPTV Player

This is one of my favorite IPTV players. it is very easy to use and does not come with any inbuilt IPTV channels available. But what makes it great is that you can watch videos in m3u format.

if you have an account you can be signing your playlist without stress and it is also available for Android mobile devices. Smart IPTV player is a high-quality IPTV player please share IPTV links with friends watch m3u files on your local device through the internet. It is a great IPTV player for watching your favorite channels. LAZY IPTV player.

Smart IPTV Player

Lazy IPTV Media Player

The lazy iptv media player is a free TV technology that allows you to watch TV online. Make sure that LAZY IPTV is a client app and it gives you the opportunity to watch TV online m3u playlist.

Our team has tested the Lazy IPTV app and it worked go. At this moment you can download lazy iptv player it on Android and iOS smartphones.

How to use LAZY IPTV on Computer

In order to download and play TV online using LAZY IPTV on your PC or Mac, you will have to use  BlueStacks.

With the help of BlueStacks, you will be able to run LAZY IPTV on PC and Mac.

Through Lazy IPTV you stream contents such as movies, on-demand videos, live TV, series, music, and entertainment.

LAZY IPTV Media Player


My IpTV can be downloaded from Microsoft Windows. It allows you to watch videos and entertainment. This application doesn’t provide direct IPTV service or any IPTV links. you can enter the Video link to watch your favorite IPTV channels. Open Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 and search “My IpTV. Click and install the application. Once you install then

  • Open the application first
  • Then click on Settings -> Add new playlist and choose EPG Source
  • Then Enter the remote channel list name and enter the remote source
  • A list of videos and TV appears. Choose your favorite one and stream it on My IpTV player properly.
My IPTV is the best IPTV player for Windows 10 which allows you to stream live videos and other content and television programs.

IPTV Smarters Pro

IPTV Smarters Pro is one of the best IPTV apps available on the internet. Through this iptv smarters, pro player viewers can easily watch their favorite channels. This app can be run on your Windows OS device by using bluestacks. Here are the  main steps required to stream IPTV through Smarters Pro app

First of all Download and install Bluestacks.

  • Open Bluestacks and login with Gmail ID and password.
  • Click the Play Store icon.
  • On the search bar type IPTV Smarters Pro and click the search button.
  • Select the IPTV Smarters Pro app and click the Install
  • After installation, open the app and ADD NEW USER.
  • Select Load Your File/URL-> Enter a name for your Playlist.
  • Select the M3U URL and enter the URL properly.
  • Add User and wait for some minutes.
  • select and play your favorite live TV channels list.

IPTV Smarters Pro


GSE SMART IPTV is another IPTV player.  you can watch all your favorite live TV channels on your device. The application is free to download and use. GSE SMART IPTV is only available for Android. you can use this app on your Windows.  you need to install BlueStacks.

After installing the BlueStacks, follow these basic steps:

  • Open BlueStacks app the
  • Sign In and enter your Google account.
  • Open Play Store and search for the GSE SMART IPTV player.
  • Select the GSE SMART IPTV app and click to download it.
  • After installation, click Open the app.
  • Add Playlistthen Tap Add URL.
  • Enter the Playlist URL and click OK.
  • Select your favorite live TV channels.


Free TV Player

Free TV Player is another IPTV app. you stream all your favorite live TV channels shows, Movies and Internet Radio on your Windows 10 device.

With this application, you can easily upload your own M3U Playlist to stream the live TV channels. You can download this app from the Microsoft Store. Here are the steps to be followed for this player.

  • Open the app free tv player.
  • Enter the M3U URL provided by the IPTV service provider.
  • It will take some minutes to load all the channels.
  • Select and play your favorite live TV Channels.

IPTV Player

IPTV Player is a free media application that provides you the ability to watch live TV channels. you have to input the channel lists. This iptv player is well for watching tv channels. In order to install and use IPTV Player on your PC or Mac, you will need to use an Android App iptv player.

Perfect Player

The perfect player is the best iptv player. In the age of high-speed Internet televisions viewers have slowly moved over to IPTV instead of traditional cable bills. It’s an advanced and famous IPTV player.

With Perfect Player, you can easily watch Internet television streams by adding playlist URLs to the program. The perfect player supports the standard playlist formats of M3U and XSPF which use the HTTP. Perfect Player has a complicated interface but is capable of playing some interesting online streams.

Perfect Player


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