How to stream Best Kodi IPTV Addons 2019 to watch free IPTV links (updated)

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How to stream Best Kodi IPTV Addons 2019 to watch free IPTV

Kodi is also well known for its on-demand video streaming services you can stream live TV on it. The most convenient option for streaming live TV is to use IPTV and if you use this on Kodi some Kodi IPTV Addons make things a lot of easy and simpler for you.

Through Kodi IPTV Addons you get the best content showing anywhere through the high-quality streaming service that they get for you. With any of the IPTV addons described below in this list, you get unlimited access to premium and quality content. If you just want to watch movies and TV Shows We recommend using apps like Cinema HD and Cyberflix which are top streaming apps.

Today in this article I am showing you the best Kodi IPTV addons list. Through these Kodi IPTV addons, you can watch your favorite program whenever you want to see it.

15 Best Kodi IPTV addons 2019

1.  Cloud TV

This is one of the popular and famous Kodi addons for live tv. Cloud TV is not only a live tv addon for Kodi where you can find almost all the media that you use on Kodi. You can use cCloud TV addon for streaming All Channels English, Top 10, Sports, News, Documentaries, BBC, Entertainment, Family, Movies, Music, Lifestyle, On-demand movies, and On-demand shows. They also provide some special options like Search, Server Status and Announcements. Already most of the user will have this addon. This addon is available in the Kodi.

2.   Selfless

This addon is the famous and most important IPTV addons. It has taken the Kodi community. The performance and streaming quality of this addon are amazing. It focuses on USA and UK channels streams. It has some of its own best contents. You can stream live sports on Kodi using Selfless and few other addons. If you are a football fan then you have a separate section to enjoy all the live football matches. Selfless Kodi addon is best around the world. Its individual contents are recognized as Rock’n’roll, 24/7 shows, sports, Video on demand, WWE live. Most of the links are working fine and best. The addon is updated daily.

3.   Resistance:

If you Want to access all the m3u files in the single place? Then this addon will act as the access all of them. This addon is available in resistance. The categorization is not good. All the m3u files are under numbered folders based on the popularity. The folder has the most popular addons. Each folder has 100+ addons to 4000+ addons. you must search down for your favorite channels and access them easily. It has other contents like series, Dramas, sports and movies. Already existing contents are working fine and proper. This addon is a regional addon for Spanish. It has lots of Spanish contents around the world.

4.  BBC IPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a famous and well-known IPTV Kodi addon if you are interested in watching content that is exclusive to BBC Network then It is your best Kodi IPTV addon for different range of UK channels. In order to access the BBC, I Player addons content you will need to unblock it with a best VPN.

5.   Pluto TV

This addon connects with the Pluto TV streaming service. It makes all the audio and video content available on your Kodi device. Pluto TV is free as a movie and TV streaming only focuses on legal content. But the good news is you will get high-quality streams for channels to the Dramas, news, sports, and entertainment.


This addon is best and famous for American expats living outside the US. With this addon, you can watch your favorite US TV channels without any stability issues. USTVNOW is easy to use which is why it has made its way into this list.

7.   Argon Live:

Most of us may be using all in one addon for Live TV. Argon Live TV addon is a standalone add-on for live TV channel. This is made as simple as possible. It has two primary parts Argon live and Argon live net TV. Both the section is live the first section has movies, sports, music, and news content on the other side the second section has live TV streams. It has a totally 27 categories which include sports, entertainment, cooking, music, kids, religious, movies, and documentaries. It has contents more than 17 languages.

8.   Chronos:

Most of them use IPTV for streaming live sports and on-demand matches. Chronos Kodi addon is specially designed for this basic purpose. Its contents are classified as Live TV, 24/7 and Live sports. In addition, it also has some regional channels of Austria and few live concerts. Most of the streams are working good and best. It has clear cache maintenance tool for the best performance of the addon. This will mask your Original IP and keep your online activity.

9.   Pac-12 Pro

PAC 12 Pro is one of the best Kodi addons for live TV channels. Other Kodi live tv addons stream the content from the same server. But PAC 12 streams contents from the private servers. This makes PAC-12 pro one of the best and reliable add-ons. The interface is very easy and simple. PAC pro 12 streams live TV of countries like USA, UK, Canada, Vietnam and all over the world. It takes some time to stream basic content. It has some mirror links. If any content is not working well then you can try the mirror link easily.


Mobdina is a new all-rounder Kodi live TV addon which can be used to watch Tv channels, movies, Tv shows. This is must install the Kodi Live TV addon for the USA and UK peoples. It provides almost all the English channels of the UK and USA for its viewers. Mobdina has several categories of Live Tv, sports, movies, music, cartoons, stand-up comedies, documentaries and much more. One of the good things about Mobdina Kodi addon is that every stream works fine and most of the dead streams are removed in a short period. Mobdina Kodi addon is available under Kodi repository.

11.  Cerebro IPTV

IPTV is another famous Kodi live TV addon that most of them not recognized properly. This IPTV addon best works based on Mobdro servers. you can get the same kind of service from Cerebro IPTV Kodi addon. you have opened the Cerebro you will get access to over 400+ TV channels all over the world. Almost all the links are working good and the streaming quality is very great.


Ultra IPTV is not best Kodi addon. Its performance is very low as compared to other addons. when you compared to other addons then ULTRA IPTV addon has a big list of TV Channels for live streaming. All you need to do is just click any of the folders listed to explore the list of TV Channels and Almost 60%of the links are working really better. The bonus is that you won’t get a popup.

13.  White Devil Streams

White Devil Streams is all in one Kodi addon which covers all the media. To watch live TV, select the live TV folder within the white devil streams Kodi addon then it will show you a big database of over 700 channels. Just click your favorite channel to start streaming. These are the other contents available in the White Devil Streams Kodi addon are Latest Movies, Rubbish Cams, Brettus Kids and WDS TV Shows, Retro TV, 4K Movies, Documentary freak, Anime-Planet, Karaoke Night, and Live TV.

14.   Filmon Simple

Filmon is the official provider of movies and dramas. Filimon Simple is Kodi addon for live IPTV channels.There are no much popular TV channels available there are some really good TV Channels that can be streamed with this Kodi addon. Being a streaming service provider, the streaming quality is super with instant play just with a single click. Here is the list of categories available with this Filmon Simple Kodi addon are African TV, Asian TV, Business TV, Caribbean channels, Celebrity TV, Filmon Exclusive, German TV, Greek TV, Indian TV, Italian TV, Middle Eastern TV, Russian TV, Somali TV, and also Swiss TV.

15.  FTFA

FTFA is another famous and best Kodi live tv addon from the Brettus. Spotify a Kodi addon that targets Live TV. It has around 5 different servers for streaming live TV channels. In that 3 servers are from the UK and 2 servers are from the US. It also has an indicator that is active are indicated as “online” within brackets. You may open any of the active servers to load the list of TV channels also. The channel loading is very fast and instant. You can enjoy watching your favorite tv channels with Kodi addon.

Best Kodi Live TV Addons 2019-2020 to stream 400+ channels (updated)

We all know that Kodi is the world’s best media streaming software that works on the Kodi addons. There are tons of Kodi addons developed across for the world for streaming the basic content. Majority of the Kodi users thought that Kodi is only for streaming movies and TV shows only. But Kodi doesn’t have such kind of boundaries. With Kodi live TV add-ons one can stream over 400+ live TV channels without any problem. This makes Kodi the best entertainment in the world.

What are Kodi live tv addons?

What are Kodi live tv addons?

Like other categories of addons, Kodi has lots of Kodi addons for streaming Live TV channels all over the world. One can even stream PPV on Kodi using some addons also. Most of these Kodi addons are outdated and have dead links also. It is so tuff when our favorite add-ons are not working well when we need them. So it’s always good for us to have some backup Kodi addons in such cases. This article is about the list of best live TV addons for Kodi. Most important all these Kodi addons are working properly while testing. I also planned to update this list over time. I made the testing last week later. All the below-listed Kodi addons for live TV are working best and good.

Today in this article I am showing you the easy installation of the Best Kodi Live TV addons. In this table, you can see addon name, repository name and repository URL.

IPTV AddonRepo NameRepo URL
SelflessBliss TV Repo
ResistanceResistance Repo
Argon LiveBlamo Repo
ChronosSkylarks Repository
Pac-12 ProSuper Repo
MobdinaKodil Repository
cCloud TVKodil Repository
AmerikanotugaVIP Secret repo
Cerebro IPTVSuper repo
Made in Canada IPTVSuper repo
Goodfellas 2.0Kodil Repository
UK Turk PlaylistsKodil Repository
White Devil StreamsBrettus repo
Filmon SimpleTV addons
FTFABrettus repo
SkynetMaverick TV
Rising TidesMullafabz
Stream HubKodil repository
CastawayKodil repository



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