What is IPTV? IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) How Does IPTV Works?

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IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)

“IPTV or Internet Protocol Television describes the means to deliver video and audio services, more specifically digital television signals over the internet to subscribers with a broadband connection using many of the same protocols that drive the internet.  IPTV also goes by a number of other names such as broadband tv, internet tv, and tv over ip”

What Is IPTV?

The term IPTV consists of the abbreviations IP for Internet Protocol and TV for Television. It refers to television or film transmission over the Internet using the Internet Protocol (IP), which organizes the transmission of data on the Internet. In the narrower sense, the term includes, for example, “video on demand” and so-called broadcast TV.

How Does IPTV Works?

Let us dedicate ourselves once more to the technology of IPTV. The programs or the selected films in “Video on Demand” receive you by means of so-called streaming or live streaming, in which data (in this case, image and audio data) transmitted simultaneously and immediately. Only the streaming technology has made IPTV possible and serves as an important, technological basis.

How does it work

How Does Streaming Work?

When streaming image or audio data from the Internet, for example, transferred to the home PC and played immediately with a small delay. At the same time, data is reloaded so that media consumption is possible without a technological interruption. For example, watching TV or listening to current radio programs over the Internet.

The streaming technology can be used on the PC using programs such as Windows Media Player or Real Player. Through a TV card, streaming video or broadcast TV (receiving programs from TV channels) is also transmitted to the TV. A so-called set-top box makes the PC even completely superfluous. The data then comes from the modem via the set-top box directly as a television picture on the apparatus.

To ensure a good and fast transmission, the data to be received is compressed in advance and decompressed before use. Often, the data first arrive in a buffer and are played back a little time-delayed, so that the viewer or listener, even with small delays in the data transmission, a continuously running program is presented.

IPTV providers often use the so-called multicast to compensate for disadvantages of conventional streaming. The data is not transmitted separately to each user of the streaming with the multicast, which could overtax the servers (data feeding computers) quickly. Rather, data is routed to distribution stations where they are duplicated and only then reach the users in the households as image and audio signals. which could quickly overwhelm the servers (data feed computers).

Rather, data is routed to distribution stations where they are duplicated and only then reach the users in the households as image and audio signals. which could quickly overwhelm the servers (data feed computers). Rather, data is routed to distribution stations where they are duplicated and only then reach the users in the households as image and audio signals.

What are the advantages of IPTV?

IPTV offers the following advantages:

  • “Higher program offer
  • “Individual program offer
  • “High image quality
  • “High sound quality
  • “Broadcasts without advertising

 Advantages Of IPTV?

IPTV on the PC

If you want to use IPTV on your own computer or laptop, you need a PC with at least 1GHZ and Windows XP operating system. Furthermore, a DSL connection is important to have the necessary bandwidth for a good picture available. If you do not have the necessary DSL connection available, you can book it here directly. For IPTV with the PC, no set-top box is needed! Surf with up to 32 Mbit / s unlimited at the cheapest price & make phone calls.

Advantages IPTV with the PC:

“many free offers

” no set-top box needed

“no TV set needed

” mobile use (laptop)

“higher program offer “

individual program offer “

high picture quality

” high sound quality

“Broadcasts without advertising

IPTV new technology to watch

The impact of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology is applied by adopting television technology. Which is broadcasting video and audio Via frequency To be used by running through the Internet network, Multimedia is the transmission of both image and sound.

The highlight of IPTV is the broadcast of that signal. Able to work in an interactive way that viewers can interact back to the sending station Which is different from the traditional television system that cannot interact back to the station Television in a timely fashion, for example, watching game shows If it is a television system, the audience wants to comment or join the audience. Must call to join the program but if it’s an IPTV system, viewers can click the mouse.

Type text via keyboard or can use VoIP (Voice over IP) system to contact to join in the game show immediately and viewers can also choose to watch movies according to their own needs

Thailand has many benefits in using, with the following main features:

  1. Can be utilized from the potential in presenting multimedia content or being a channel for viewing various programs. Through a high-speed broadband network, another media which can be used for both viewing the program as needed at any time or choosing to view Which is similar to the general television programming

With the unique identity of the IPTV system and the large channels of this satellite That makes it possible to provide services that are similar to the broadcasts of small television stations Can receive dozens of channels (Multi channel cable TV system) together with the broadcast system via IP network or this high-speed broadband network Making it possible to create an interactive TV service that viewers can respond to or search for

Find out more about the items they watch. At that time

  1. Connect to high-speed internet that is used to download large data quickly (using Turbo Internet in the high-speed data reception sector While the data retrieval sector will be called via Modem and can download only the information that the manufacturer allows)
  1. Use as an internet system to support internal work Especially for small to medium enterprises (SMEs)

What are the limitations of IPTV?

What’s on https://jinjiptv.com

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Earn money with an IPTV transmitter

To get IP Television you need these key parts:

IPTV – as comfortable as multi-variant

IPTV – offers can be just as well as the satellite, antennaor television cable received TV on the domestic TV.

The viewer often has the opportunity to see many programs for topics such as sports, culture and news in addition to the program known stations (for Germany about ARD, ZDF, RTL, SAT1, Pro7 and VOX).

These are so-called linear programs which cannot be influenced by the viewer and whose transmission is also called Broadcast TV. A special feature of the IPTV, however, is that the viewer can put together his own program.

The mostly paid “Video on Demand” is an example: a virtual video library provides films and series from various disciplines. IPTV is interactive. This means that the viewer also has the opportunity to act: for example, online games or betting or shopping offers, where – depending on the provider – can order immediately and without the help of other media (such as telephone). Possible additional functions in the IPTV are a digital video recorder and the so-called time-shift function. With it, running programs can be recorded immediately, for example, if you are suddenly interrupted when watching a transmission. Then you can play them time-shifted. As if you are suddenly interrupted when watching a transmission. Then you can play them time-shifted. A if you are suddenly interrupted when watching a transmission. Then you can play them time-shifted. ASat Antenna is perfect for bringing the television program of the world into your own living room.

Technical requirements

Necessary for IPTV is an Internet broadband connection, for example DSL. Without a broadband connection to the Internet, the digitized programs would be transmitted too slowly, the pictures would probably jerk or stop. We recommend at least one DSL6000 connection. Suppliers such as the German company T Com offer Broadcast TV as an IPTV version only in combination with a VDSL connection, a particularly fast Internet connection that is currently only available in a limited manner in Germany. However, “video on demand” can also be used with conventional DSL connections. For the connection of Internet and TV many suppliers provide – usually for an extra charge – a so-called set-top box. Other providers allow IPTV only on the home PC and do not provide a set-top box.

IPTV – Profitability

IPTV is a technical innovation, therefore not yet found in many households. But media providers expect a relatively large market for the future, which makes them invest in the attractiveness of their IPTV offerings. The consulting firm Gold media has predicted in a recent study that in 2010 more than 1.3 million German households have access to IPTV. IPTV definitely has the opportunity to become the television of the future.

To get IP Television you need these key parts:

Viewing devices or adapters

Broadband access providers

IP television service providers

Media content providers

The beginnings of streaming

Some may still remember the beginning of streaming technology. There were then sometimes sports reports submitted, where image and sound stopped in the middle, because only had to be reloaded data. Thanks to modern broadband connections (DSL, VDSL) to the Internet, these times are over for most streaming users. Among the forerunners of streaming is the Trojan Room Coffee Machine, which was put online in 1992. The world’s first webcam regularly transmitted images of the coffee machine in the computer lab of Cambridge University. Lovers of the hot black drink will have been as happy as techies and that coffee maker has become a small cult object. It became more serious in 1995 when ORF, SFB and the Technical University of Berlin jointly launched an on-demand information broadcast. A highlight in the transmission of moving images with audio was in 1999: In that year, the NetAid concert over 300 Linux server was transferred to the network. The Concert Against World Hunger took place simultaneously in the cities of Geneva, London and New York. In each of the cities artists such as the Eurythmics, Bono by U2, Robbie Williams and Puff Daddy were on stage.

Streaming and broadband

The attractiveness of streaming offers increased, the faster the data transmission from the network to domestic media such as the PC was. Only developments such as the DSL technology made streaming offers really mass-suitable. They transmitted data so fast that even watching streamed movies did not turn into agony. IPTV offers are all still quite young. The DSL technology itself was developed only in the late 80s and early 90s; Until the technology arrived, at least for many people in the industrialized countries, several years passed again. Many households in Germany already use the DSL6000 with a theoretical download of 6016 kBit / s. As a further development of the technology, for example, the VDSL exists: Theoretically, a data volume of 25 MB per second can be transmitted here. Nothing stands in the way of IPTV.

You can find further information about the correct ” Watching TV ” on the website of optikur.de. Information about DSL satellite is here.

What is IPTV System?

Only the subscriber has a modem to connect to the internet. Via regular phone line With the installation of a turbo (USB) device in a computer (PC) and connecting the signal cable to a small satellite dish (60 cm). Via normal telephone line Which when the user retrieves the information from the internet network The above statement Will be sent to CS Internet’s center to forward to the central internet network In the back of information received from the central internet network Will be sent to Thaicom satellite station To send such information via satellite channels directly to the users With such features Will allow users to receive large and fast data because they do not have to face problems with distance limitations Or ground network system (wired or land line)

In the case of the use of the organization Which need to be connected to the internet at the same time, many users can apply IPTV system to support such usage By installing a turbo device on a computer that is designated as a gateway and installing a proxy program to assist in many internet applications

IPTV can be used via a variety of devices which must be a device that can connect to the Internet network, whether it is a PC, Notebook, PDA, Mobile or device box connected to the TV This variety of connection formats will reduce the restrictions on viewing information and entertainment. Only requesting to be able to connect to the Internet IPTV network can expand more marketing channels whether it is advertising which can reduce the cost of advertising through the same television media that has a very high airtime price and also allows the advertisement to meet the target group as well. And can be applied in many forms, such as teaching and learning via IPTV, allowing students to interact with instructors and can measure students, organizing game shows the audience can enjoy as if playing games in the delivery room

Benefits of IPTV

  1. Use the technology of high speed internet via satellite. (One way) allows users to receive large data Via the internet network 8 times faster than using the internet via a conventional modem
  1. Supports standard internet services – Http, FTP, SMTP (POP3), IRC, ICQ and others
  1. Associate for corporate connection Which can be used as a proxy server which can support connections And use it simultaneously In each organization, 5-8 devices
  1. Can provide service throughout the country covering 76 provinces (in areas with telephone lines to connect to the CS Internet center)
  2. Support with network management system And effective channels Make users Able to use the high speed internet service in full efficiency
  1. Receiving the service in the form of video broadcast or internet network data (Data Broadcasting) allows users to choose to receive signals in the form of large picture and audio data quickly

Problems caused by using IPTV technology

Internet is a technology that offers information freely. Users can access information freely. Opening a TV station via the internet is easy. And does not need to invest a lot Therefore may be a way to create a model for providing some services that are not suitable for the audience, such as opening a channel With pornography Which is not suitable for young viewers Dissemination of news that may be harmful to national security Solution Can issue laws to control the distribution of media via internet channels Determining the right to access information for viewing programs

IPTV technology is a new technology to watch. And in the future, if 3G and Wimax technologies are available in Thailand Will be a driving force for the increase in internet and IPTV services. New marketing channels will have more variety But the danger from using IPTV will be followed. Therefore, the state must come to monitor and supervise various services via internet.

Here you will find IPTV providers and IPTV offers!

IPTV providers and all the latest IPTV offers, you can find on this page. But you can also find other offers on the subject of digital TV, such as video-on-demand providers (VOD), web TV providers, live stream providers or various online video rental providers. All IPTV providers offer up-to-date IPTV offers and here you will find the lowest price on the IPTV offers of all IPTV providers.

Are the IPTV offers the television of the future?

According to a study by the management consultancy “Gold Media”, more than 1.5 million households in the Federal Republic of Germany are expected to use the IPTV offerings by the year 2010. Mostly mentioned in the future use, the almost unlimited number of IPTV channels , video-on-demand (VOD) broadcasts and stream videos in the areas of movies, shopping, sports, betting, online games and online auctions. And you can find the best IPTV providers, IPTV tariffs and IPTV offers on this page. Discover the world of IPTV!

Record growth in IPTV forecast

IPTV awakens from the slumber and the IPTV offers are slowly starting to move nationwide. IPTV offerings and IPTV providers increased in 2008 by 3 times the level of the previous year. Thus, 536,000 private households have been using IPTV since the end of 2008. Ascending trend! The expectations of IPTV consumers are changing rapidly in the Internet age, because they want to be more flexible and design the program according to their own wishes and needs. Digital TV allows the viewer now this freedom and more and more consumers are discovering the possibilities and use the IPTV offers of the various IPTV providers. The most important purchase decision for IPTV is picture quality in HD, which convinces with a high-quality and razor-sharp picture. Thanks to the development, finally, HDTV terminals in HD quality can be used, because some IPTV providers make it now possible!

Internet goes television – television goes internet!

Digital TV is becoming increasingly popular. Some video-on-demand providers and IPTV vendors are taking the next step and offering interactivity as a multimedia experience. On Demand you can now work with the TV and surf the Internet, from the comfort of your own couch. New innovative add-on features provide all video-on-demand providers and IPTV providers in abundance and give rise to a new feeling.

IPTV transmitter in comparison:

According to the Internet portal GlobalITV.com, there are already over 6,300 freely available IPTV channels worldwide. Of these, more than 2,200 IPTV stations are in the USA, with Germany ranking second with approx. 420. However, many semi-professional IPTV channels were counted, because not all IPTV channels are produced professionally.

What is a set-top box?

With a set-top box (STB) you can enjoy IPTV on your TV. The set-top box is often available as a cheap rental version, or even for free. You only need to connect the set-top box to your DSL router (WLAN is also possible) and connect it to your TV set.

What is Time shifting TV?

Time shifting TV is nothing but time-shifted television. Thus, while the IPTV program is running, you can record simultaneously via the so-called set-top box and watch the program with a time delay. The pause function and the rewinding of a program sent at the same time can therefore be carried out at any time by IPTV.

What is DVR?

With DVR you can use a built-in hard disk in the set-top box to record IPTV broadcasts at any time. Recordings are easy to program and can also be accessed via the Internet from any other location. It is therefore no problem, for example, from the office to record a very specific IPTV program and then after work, to look at home. DVR is a digital video recorder!

What is P2P?

P2P (Peer2Peer) defines the distribution method for digital content between different computers or servers. All computers or servers are equal and can take on the one hand services themselves, on the other hand also provide services themselves.

What are interaction services?

With the help of the return channel, the IPTV viewer can intervene directly in the action of the current IPTV program, or the IPTV broadcast. Interactive game shows will soon no longer be fiction, but pure reality.


In order to use IPTV, you need Internet access with a bandwidth of at least 16000 Kbps. The exception is the IPTV access from Arcor, because you only need a bandwidth of 6000 Kbit / s. Here you can also use the Internet flat 6000 package for the operation of IPTV. Of course, the higher your bandwidth, the better it is. WebTV offers, you can already use with a DSL 2000 connection. Furthermore, in addition to the Internet access, you need a set-top box that converts the digital signals into pictures. This set-top box you get with all IPTV providers, as a rental version, but can also buy the set-top box. Make the DSL connection check here!

Now it is still to know whether the current IPTV offers of the various IPTV providers are also available to you. Quite possibly, it may also be possible that IPTV is not offered at you yet!

DSL provider in comparison:

There are many DSL providers and DSL tariffs these days and it is difficult at first to get the right overview, because the many different DSL rates initially appear confusing. One thing is clear: the basic conditions for the DSL access (connection, flat rate, telephony and hardware) belong to each DSL provider to offer and can be easily booked in complete packages. With the classical telephone connection this is not always possible.

What is available for DSL packages?

” DSL complete packages (incl. Telephone connection, DSL Flat rate and telephone)

” DSL telephone package (inclusive telephone connection, DSL Flat rate and telephone Flat rate)

” DSL Triple play (inclusive telephone connection, DSL Flat rate, telephone Flat rate and Digital TV)

Today’s offered DSL complete solutions, creates a decent cost advantage for the customer and not least also reduces the administrative burden.From now, you no longer need 3 providers (telephone, DSL & cable) for your multimedia happiness and can so much easier to keep track!

It depends on the right DSL provider

So far, you needed in almost all DSL offers a connection of the telecom. Meanwhile, the market has changed a lot, because most DSL providers can offer various complete packages thanks to alternative networks. Thus today can be telephoned exclusively over DSL and it is no telephone connection of the Telekom more necessary, you can just as well over the DSL connection discussions lead.

UMTS providers in comparison:

You want to be online anytime, anywhere? What sounded like the music of the future until recently is already possible with the introduction of the modern UMTS network.

With a bandwidth of up to 3.6 Mbit / s, the UMTS transmission method ensures mobility in every situation and achieves transmission rates that exceed DSL 2000. Of course, there are also UMTS. UMTS flat rates and UMTS offers, which are easier to survey than the many DSL offers.

All UMTS offerings do not work 100% with IPTV and video-on-demand due to the relatively low bandwidth, but UMTS can be a real alternative for the areas in Germany, where the DSL network is not yet fully developed.

Comparison of HSDPA providers:

The expansion of the UMTS network to HSDPA and increasing the transmission rate, the HSDPA internet access not only as a mobile solution, but also represents a real DSL alternative for the use of IPTV and video-on-demand.

Due a bandwidth of 7.2Mbit /S, which have corresponds to a higher speed than a DSL 6000 connection. The HSDPA solution can help where no DSL connection is available yet. Via HSDPA you can easily get into the mobile enjoyment of the broadband Internet. HSDPA Fat rates and HSDPA rates, you can see here in comparison.

LTE provider!

Discover the High Speed ​​Internet LTE (Long Term Evolution). LTE is the mobile revolution and offers high speed internet via LTE surfsticks.

DSL speed

DSL is now synonymous with fast speed and is essential for using IPTV or Video-on-Demand. Thanks to very high bandwidths, it has been possible for quite some time to use the Internet as we know it today. The high DSL speed makes it possible!

What do you need for a DSL connection?

First, you should check if DSL is also available for you. For almost 5% of all Germans it is still not possible to use DSL, because the network expansion is not yet completed everywhere. Since there are also many different DSL providers that cover different networks, you should check the DSL availability of the various DSL providers. You can also simply use the free DSL provider comparison on this page and choose the right DSL provider. If you have opted for a DSL provider, you can easily order online. Pay attention to any special offers, because this can save a few hundred euros!

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